What Is The Safest Place to Keep Cash At Home?

hiding cash at home

If you’re wondering what’s the safest place to keep cash at home then you are in the right place! Not everyone knows where to keep money safely at home. It’s also possible that you may have not thought of keeping money at your place until today.

Some may try keeping cash in the drawers, some may invest in technology or a safe! Maybe you keep yours in the mattress or maybe in a secret wallet! Who knows.

Keeping money at your house has its pros and cons, but you may simply want to keep some extra cash or emergency fund. You never know when you will need some cash. It’s sometimes a hassle when instant cash is not available and you’re dealing with a cash-only business.

Let’s explore some of the interesting places to keep cash in your place safely.

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The safest places to keep cash at home include:

  • fake electrical outlet
  • the attic
  • hidden safe
  • customized cupboard

Keeping Cash At Home

Ideally, it’s best not to keep large amounts of cash at your place. You never know if there is theft or robbery or a burglar can be keeping an eye on the house.

But, if some cash is here and you want to keep it safe, try the following:

#1. Select Different Spots

hiding cash at home

As the saying goes, not keeping all your eggs in one basket, you have to hide the money in different spots. If there is an attempt of theft or anything then you may lose all the cash. Thus, spread the cash in different spots.

You can divide the money into equal portions and allocate it to different spots. Some people may even hide in the mattress or in the attic, but it’s not safe in case of fire. Plus, you should also know where you kept the money. Also, when you keep the cash in different spots, you may not use it all at once. You may have different spots in the house that are your favorite.

#2. Find A Perfect Location

living room hiding spots

Now that you have decided to put money in different spots. It’s time to find the perfect location. Here you need to be creative! You have to see what corners of the house are safe.

What areas a thief would not think of checking! You may want to keep some amount in the cookie jar or may in random envelopes in a bag. The choice is yours! See what you think is best based on your preferred location in the house. Only you know what are the best hiding spots in your place.

#3. Get A Hidden Safe

hidden safe

To get yourself free from all the hassle, you can get a hidden safe. It will help you keep the extra cash in place. You can read reviews and buying guides to find a suitable safe for your house.

Also, the hidden safe shouldn’t be visible. It has to be built or hidden in a way that it’s not apparent. You can invest in a suitable safe to keep the extra cash at your place, but ideally, you better invest your hard-earned amount somewhere!

#4. Hidden Interesting Places

You may have the cash in a place that is hidden, yet in front of your eyes! You can build such places yourself. For example, a small section inside your cupboard that’s well hidden from the eyes.

You can customize the cupboard or if you are into DIY, you can try making one for yourself. You can check out the online tutorials and see if you find an interesting idea. Share with others also if you do!

#5. Fake Electrical Outlet

I’ve been thinking of a few creative ways to hide my savings for a while now, and as my birthday is rapidly approaching, I feel like I should start investing in my future. One of the ways that I can do that is by hiding money throughout my home. We all know that burglars look for places that are easily accessible, such as under your mattress and in your dresser drawers, so it’s best to keep your valuable assets hidden.

#6. Hide In An Attic

hiding money in attic

A lot of people with hidden money in the attic are worried about how to access it. It’s not uncommon to have hidden money in the attic. After all, the attic is a great place to hide things. Particularly, things you don’t want anyone else to know about. You can’t be certain how much money you have there but you’re pretty sure that it’s a substantial amount. If you have an attic in your home, it’s time to fill it with the hidden treasure. A few dollars here and there can really add up when you’re trying to save up for something big. Just put that money in a special place in the attic, and when you need it, you’ll have it!

Pros and Cons of Keeping Cash At Home

Some people may prefer cash at home. Let’s discuss the pros and cons.


The extra cash in the house can be used as an emergency fund. You need not go to the bank or ATM for getting the cash for something important.

The extra cash can be the saving that’s hidden from you!

Apart from savings in the bank, you can do some savings for yourself at your place. You can make small envelopes and assign these to travel, shopping, or fun. You can collect the amount in envelopes and use it when the time is right.

The cash at your place is instantly available so there is no hassle to wait for the transactions or the business days for the required amount to come into your account.


All the extra money in the house is just sitting there! It’s possible to invest, but you are not investing it.

In case of theft, you may lose all the money. Some robbers may be smart to know the hiding place and thus, all the hard work can go in vain.

Should You Keep Money At Home?

You know that feeling when you stumble on a wad of cash lying around at home? It’s like Christmas, except you don’t have to wait until morning to see if Santa came.

Just keep the emergency cash at the house that can come in handy when the situation is tough. On the other hand, it’s better to avoid cash at home. You may also end up spending the money if it’s in front of your eyes. However, when the money is invested, it’s safe and you have to wait some time for the transactions. Out of sight is out of mind! So whether you have money at home or not, it’s wise to keep it safe for the rainy days.

Final Words

Hiding some cash at home can actually be a way to teach your kids about saving and helping them develop a money management system. You may wonder why I would even suggest doing such a thing. After all, we live in a world where we can simply go to the bank and deposit money and our kids can use debit and credit cards to pay for their favorite ice cream. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that your kids won’t need the basic skills of handling cash.

Keeping money at your place requires creativity! If you are putting a lot of cash at home, it will be stressful as you would be constantly checking whether money is right there where it belongs. On the other hand, it’s helpful in case of an emergency situation as you will not need to wait for business days to get the cash in your hand. You never know when you will need some cash so an emergency fund at home can be a good idea.

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