Does Target Accept Apple Pay? Here’s How It Works

Step-By-Step Guidelines On How To Use Apple Pay At Target
  • Yes, as of 2019, Apple Pay works in Target stores (Source)
  • You can use Apple Pay on Target’s website and within the Target app at checkout
  • There are no fees associated with Apple Pay use at Target
  • There are no transaction limits, though for purchases over $50 you may need to sign for it

Target has been a part of America for almost 120 years at this point years and has always been known as a place where people can find great brands and products at affordable prices.

Today, Target is one of the most popular places to shop with discounts on everything from clothes and electronics to home goods.

They also have their own line of exclusive brands such as Cat & Jack kids clothing, which many parents love because it is made of high-quality materials that are comfortable for their children.

They’re also a huge Apple retailer, which makes it surprising it took so long for them to get Apple Pay up and running, in 2019 as a contactless, mobile payment solution.

How To Use Apple Pay


1. Is it possible for the Target website to use Apple Pay?

Target’s online store accepts Apple Pay for purchases. You may access the Target website and sign up for an account using the Safari browser. You should also use an Apple device like iPhone or iPad.

If you use Google Chrome to view the Target website, you won’t utilize Apple Pay at checkout.

2. Is Apple Pay compatible with the Target App?

When using the Target App on an Apple device, you’ll have an option to checkout using Apple Pay.

3. What is the level of safety when using Apple Pay at Target?

It is absolutely safe to use Apple Pay at Target. However, it would be best to take the appropriate precautions when making payments. The usual rule of thumb is that you can do so without a problem at all.

4. Do Target’s Apple Pay services charge a fee?

Target does not charge a fee to Apple Pay users. It is also free in other service providers accepting Apple Pay cards. If you’re charged a fee, it’s most likely because you don’t have enough money in your Apple Pay account.

5. Does Apple Pay at Target have a limit?

Target accepts Apple Pay with no transaction limits. However, if you spend more than $50 on your transaction, you may be compelled to give your signature.

Apple Pay requires a properly set-up Apple Watch or iPhone. You’ll need to open the Wallet app on your phone, tap the arrow next to Apple Pay, then select Add Credit or Debit Card.

Tap the icon on the upper right-hand side of your iPhone to add a debit or credit card to your Apple Pay account.

After this, you can either snap the image of the credit card you will use during payment or manually key in the card’s information.

After connecting your cards to your Apple Pay wallet, it is okay to make all purchases with Apple Pay.

Check out the steps below to see how it is done

1. Press your phone power button twice

Press your phone power button twice

Click this button twice. This is the button you use to wake and sleep on your screen. (It is usually at the right edge of your phone).

When everything is done according to plan, your Apple Pay account should instantly open up with a photo of the credit card or debit card you just added.

2. Use card reader (Payment Terminal)

Use card reader Payment Terminal

To complete your purchase with Apple Pay, you’ll need to utilize a payment terminal (also known as a card reader). You’ll need to place your phone in front of the credit card reader to make a payment.

Ensure you are a few inches from the payment machine and the Apple Wallet is open. Your transaction should be processed automatically if everything is done successfully.

3. Using Apple Pay with Target self-service checkout

Apple Pay

Paying for goods with Apple Pay at the self-service checkout is no more difficult than making any other purchase using the service. The essential thing to remember is that once you’ve scanned all of your products and are ready to pay, you must choose to pay with a card that is ready to accept payments.

Click twice the side button to open the Apple Pay dashboard. After this, scan it with the payment terminal.

When all of the steps are followed correctly, your transactions should begin processing immediately

Customer Support

Apple Pay

The best action to take is to consult with the Target customer care desk, who may probably know the source of the problem. Either, the payment terminal may not be operating correctly.

If you’re still having issues, the best course of action is to call the Apple Support team and inquire more information about the issue. They might solve the problem.


It is possible to use Apple Pay at Target in the same way you can use it everywhere else. Safari is the only browser that will allow you to utilize Apple Pay when using the Target website. If you’re using the Target app on a phone or tablet, you can also pay using Apple Pay.

Target does not charge any fees or impose any restrictions on the use of Apple Pay.

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