Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? How To Do It

Does MCDonalds Take Apple Pay
Does McDonald's Take Apple Pay?
  • Yes, Mcdonald’s does support Apple Pay.
  • However, it’ll only work if they have a working NFC (Near Field Communication) device and not all locations have them.
  • Individual franchisees don’t have to ‘enable’ NFC- as long as the store has the red NFC reader connected to the top of the card readers.
  • Some very old terminals do not have these, however.
  • For it to work, if you’re having trouble with the cashier, tell them you’re using credit, and hold your phone to the NFC terminal.
  • To Mcdonald’s, it’s regarded as a credit transaction. All the cashier has to do is hit the credit key on the cash register to activate the card reader/NFC terminal (Source).

McDonald’s does support Apple Pay (Source). It’ll only work if they have an NFC reader, however. It’ll take some time before most locations get them- but most locations have them!

By 2020, McDonald’s had over 30,000 locations in the whole world. With more than one billion iPhone users, it is no surprise that most individuals may wish to pay for their meals using Apple Pay. However, does McDonald’s take apple pay?

How to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s

As of 2021, almost all restaurants in the United States accept Apple Pay as a payment option. It was one of the first to use Apple Pay. If you pay with Apple pay in the United States, McDonald’s will only accept Visa debit or credit cards that are linked to your Apple Pay wallet.

Step by step process on using Apple Pay at McDonald’s

You must first set up Apple Pay on your iOS device to use it at McDonald’s. This is generally an iPhone or an Apple watch. To do this, you have to link your Apple pay wallet app to a debit or credit card.

To add your debit or credit card to the Apple pay wallet, open a “Wallet” app, then tap on the “+” sign on the app’s far-right corner. You must then either snap a photo of the card you wish to use with Apple Pay or manually enter your card’s information.

After linking your card to your Apple pay wallet then it becomes easier to pay for any purchase made.

Let’s go through how to use Apple Pay for those who are unfamiliar with it. It’s quite simple.

1) On your iPhone, double-click the button.

person holding white iphone 5 c

Push the button on the right outside edge of your iPhone twice or “double-click” it. This is the button that turns on and off your phone’s screen.

It’s easy to add a new payment method, and there are no fees for you or the merchant. If done correctly, your Apple wallet should open up automatically with a picture of your debit card or credit card that you’ve added to it.

2) Use payment terminal

payment terminal

You’ll need to use the payment terminal (also known as a card reader) to complete your transaction using Apple Pay.

To complete this, hold your iPhone over the payment terminal with your Apple Wallet open on your iPhone (about a few inches away from the payment terminal). If you did it correctly, your purchase should automatically process, and the debit card or credit card linked to your Apple Wallet will be charged. That’s all there is to it! Isn’t it simple?

How to use Apple pay at McDonald’s drive-thru?

The method for using Apple Pay at a McDonald’s drive-thru is identical to that of in-store usage.

The only significant difference is whether the McDonald’s employee will keep the payment terminal outside of the window so you can hold your phone over it, or whether you’ll need to hand them your phone to make the purchase.

There’s one other thing to bear in mind: the procedure should be similar.

How to use Apple pay at a McDonald’s kiosk with an iPhone

woman holding iPhone during daytime

You’ll want to know how to use your iPhone to pay with Apple pay if your McDonald’s has a self-service ordering Kiosk.

To begin, double-click the right-side button on your iPhone. If you’re using face ID, look at the screen; if you are using touch ID, place your finger on the home sensor; and if you are using a passcode, type it in.

Finally, place your iPhone over the contactless payment point of sale reader on the Kiosk, which is the machine where you’d normally insert your credit card. If you get a payment reader, wait until you hear a ping, see a green checkmark on the payment reader, or see “done” on your iPhone’s screen. That’s all there is to it!

How to use Apple pay using Apple watch at a McDonald’s kiosk

person clicking Apple Watch smartwatch

If you have an iWatch, learn how to use it to pay with Apple Pay at a self-service ordering kiosk at your McDonald’s.

  • To begin, double-tap the right-side button on the dial.
  • If prompted, type in your passcode.

Finally, when the payment is finished, hold your Apple Watch over the contactless payment terminal on the Kiosk until it beeps. That’s all there is to it!

How to use Apple pay with McDonald’s mobile app

How to use Apple pay with McDonald's mobile app

Open the McDonald’s app on your phone, sign in, and select your local restaurant. Select food from the menu and add it to your basket. Continue to payment by going to your shopping cart, examining it, and continue.

Choose a pickup or delivery time, enter your name and address, and select “Apple Pay” as your payment option. Apple Pay is accepted by many retailers- check out how to use Apple Pay at Target.

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