Currency Straps: Money Band Colors & Stack Meaning

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A currency strap is normally a simple paper device that is meant to hold a certain denomination and a given number of banknotes.

In a country like the United States, the American Bankers Association does have a standard for both color and value. You need to know that all bills that are more than $2 usually come in straps of 100 count.

The color is usually crucial because it ensures that there is much faster accounting, even in a scenario when the bills are stacked.

Unique striping bands are utilized for those straps that have star notes. Keep reading this important guide to have more information on what a currency strap is.

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How Much Is A Band Of Money?

The table below shows the band of money by color, denomination, count and the total amount:

Strap Color Bill Denomination Bill Count Bill Total Amount
Orange $1 50 $50
Blue $1 100 $100
Green $1 200 $200
Green $1 250 $250
Green $2 100 $200
Red $5 100 $500
Yellow $10 100 $1,000
Violet $20 100 $2,000
Brown $50 100 $5,000
Mustard $100 100 $10,000
Black $100 1000 $100,000

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Money Stack Meanings Explained


Bundling money together using a bank band is as old as paper currency itself. But, measured and standardized straps are comparatively a fresh idea. For instance, in the early days before the mid-1970s, the US Federal Reserve used to count bills by the use of hands.

This means that they hired 55 currency counters whose main role was to count the bills fast. They could also touch and feel the bills to verify them.

But, as the amount of currency significantly went high, they came to realize that they required a better way of counting the currency. To assist the currency counting workers be productive on their job, the Bank started strap sorting the $1 to $20 notes.


The One Thousand Dollar Bill

How Much Is A Stack Of $100s?

Depending on the color band, mustard or black, a stack of hundreds is either $10,000 or $100,000 dollars.

How Much Is A Stack Of $50s?

With a brown money band, a stack of fifties is $5,000.

How Much Is A Stack Of $20s?

With a violet money band, a stack of twenties is $2,000.

How Much Is A Stack Of $10s?

With a yellow money band, a stack of twenties is $1,000.

How Much Is A Stack Of $5s?

With a red money band, a stack of twenties is $500.

How Much Is A Stack Of $2s?

With a green money band, a stack of twenties is $200.

How Much Is A Stack Of $1s?

With a blue money band, a stack of singles is $100. While if it’s green, with either a bill count of 200 or 250, the count is either $200 or $250.

How to get a stack of 1 dollar bills

If you go to the bank, and get more than 50, you can get them in a nice banded stack.

Wrap up

Currency straps are quite important because they have helped in catching the offenders in banks. In addition to this, a currency strap helps to enforce a lot of discipline on monetary policy and offers flexibility in a situation where a country is affected by huge capital inflows or outflows. We recommend using a cash counting machine to organize your bills before bundling them in straps!

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