About Me

tony sacksMy name’s Tony and I own several New Jersey businesses, specifically in North Bergen.

Small stuff. A few local markets, a bowling alley, things like that.

I have had my business for 5 years and have never had an issue with cash.

I always do the following to stay safe:

  • I use a cash register that prints out reports on all transactions
  • I keep detailed records of each transaction for at least 5 years
  • I never write down my PIN number on anything

The owner of a local business has certain requirements that are not usually associated with a typical business owner.

I own several local businesses and handle a lot of cash, so I have to be extra careful in what security measures I take.

I have to be extra careful in what security measures I take when it comes to handling my cash. For example, my company is located in an office building with limited public access.

Some things you should consider are installing an alarm system, alarms on all doors and windows, and limiting phone access so that only employees have the code for the phone room.

Getting Mugged

getting mugged for cash

I got mugged for a lot of cash leaving my business once. It was frightening and disappointing because it happened in broad daylight and there were people around but nobody did anything to help me.

The first time this happened was when I went to the ATM machine. It can be nerve-wracking going to an ATM machine in broad daylight when you’re alone but it’s necessary when you don’t have any cash on you and need some urgently for something important like paying the dentist or buying groceries.

When I came out there were two guys waiting for me who wanted to know where the money was that just came out of the ATM machine and it got violent from there. I was pistol-whipped and I gave up my ATM card and credentials.

Of course, I was able to cancel the card later on and recoup most of what I lost from the fraudulent spending.


Now, on to why I decided to start this blog.

Sometimes, I think that my job sounds kind of boring. I go into a store, buy something and then leave. That’s it.

I know that there is more to it than that, but sometimes I like to think about something else. Enter, my blog!

Nowadays, people are using cash less and less every day. However, it is still very important for stores to worry about their cash handling procedures because money can be lost or stolen really easily.

If someone steals the cash from your store at night when you are not there, you could lose everything if they don’t take anything else with them! The same goes for keeping your customers safe – if you don’t handle the cash correctly and someone gets their hands on it before you do…you can imagine what might happen!

This blog will help you learn how to handle physical cash more effectively, whether you’re locking it away in a safe, learning how to count it fast, or merely transporting large amounts between 2 locations.